Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum

My vacuum in docking station

On January i’ve become a happy owner of Xiaomi’s vacuum cleaner. The model i’ve obtained is Mi Robot Vacuum, the 1st generation of Xiaomi’s vacuums, available on the market for ~3 years.

I wasn’t looking for particular model, just wanted to buy Xiaomi because of brand’s popularity – i think it’ll be easier to fix and will have wide availability of spare parts in case of any failures.

I’ve bought it for only 650zł (~150$) on polish auction website. The cause of this price (while writing this text, the average price for this model is around 200-250$) was a fact, that the cleaner has been propably a showoff device because the side brush was slightly used.

I was worried about buying an used smarthome device because of the problems i’ve faced while reconnecting sonoff switch to a new network, but turned out that xiaomi is way better – it paired with an app without any problems, also i’ve figured out that it can be easily connected to Home Assistant and upgraded to polish voice.

A word about using this device – my apartament is 33m2 and it takes around 30-40 minutes to vacuum it. I’ve set it in application, to start vacuuming when i’m at work so when i get back, the apartament is clean. Shaggy carpet is not a problem for this vacuum, it can only get stuck on loose cable – for example on notebook’s psu cable.
I’m cleaning the dust container once a week.

I recommend it for everyone – it helps a lot especially when you don’t have time or just don’t want to vacuum by yourself.

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